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Last week I decided to clean my living room windows. They are huge and were in dire need of a good clean. So armed with my trusty Karcher window vac, I cleared the window cill of family photos, sprayed the glass and gave it a good scrub. Now, my sofas are huge and heavy so instead of moving the sofa in front of the window, I decided to utilise my long forgotten gymnastic skills; I knelt on one arm and stretched my other leg out across the back of the sofa. Then concentrating carefully on the glass – and ensuring I didn’t get any streaks, I set about using the vac.

I was focussing so hard on the window and didn’t even notice my new neighbour stood at the end of my drive, but suddenly he came into focus. And he was smiling and waving.

Then I realised that I was spread eagle on the back of huge sofa, up against the window and it appeared I had been knocking and staring at him…

I was so embarrassed!

All I could do was smile like Wallace (from Wallace and Gromit) and do a painfully slow, self conscious wave and pray that he just moved on.

Which he did after what seemed like an absolute lifetime!

When I told Mr sixdegreesofharmony (and once he’d finished laughing and wiping tears from his eyes) he shared many of his stories with me – and here are just a fraction…

When he was in his teens, he was trying to act cool whilst chatting to his friends and his mum pulled up in her car and shouted, “Look at my melons!”. His face was contorted in horror – until his mum produced two melons that she’d just bought from the market.

Another time, still in his teens, he was walking through town on a Friday night, passing a very popular bar, when his friends called to him from an upstairs window. He called back to them as he walked on – and fell down a massive hole in the pavement as someone had removed the barriers left by some workmen.

Yet another story saw him sat on the floor in his mum’s living room, surrounded by his entire family when he moved quickly – and VERY loudly broke wind!

I’m so pleased I shared my embarrassment with him – as I felt so much better when wiping MY tears away at his tales of woe.

Do you have any stories that you’d like to share…?