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New year, new goals?

Have you made a resolution to diet? Detox? Have you joined the gym? Or are you just generally interested in eating better?

Quorn is a fantastic addition to your diet – even if you’re not vegetarian! It’s low fat and a really healthy source of protein. And even better, it tastes fantastic.

The Quorn website has dozens of delicious recipes that are easy to make. I made a lasagne following their recipe recently and it was incredible – you can read all about that here. Alternatively you can just add it to your normal meals, in place of the meat as Quorn has a really comprehensive range – from mince, chicken style fillets, chicken style pieces.

Quorn 2015 chilled mince Frozen Goujons 320g

If you fancy a cheeky cooked breakfast at the weekend, Quorn can step in and offer bacon and sausages

Quorn_Bacon Quorn_sausages

and you don’t even have to miss out on a Sunday roast (also delicious cooked in a slow cooker with cider, apples and vegetables).


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