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I’ve been sat on this post for a little while. For a couple of reasons.

I’ve decided that I HAVE to take my health and fitness into hand. If not now, then when? I’ve always worried about my weight – even when I was a very small size 8. My theory was ‘If I don’t worry about a few pounds here and there, then I’ll have to start worrying about a few stone’.

Then I stopped worrying. And now I have a few stone to lose.

I also have another theory. “Happiness is heaviness”. I’m clearly very happy…

I toyed around with a half-baked weightless plan last year. I did okay but then didn’t stick with it. And I wasn’t making any progress.

My hubby and I joined a gym in November. It’s been tough to get there as Munchkin was in and out of hospital in December. Then it was Christmas. But we have tried. Once we were back into our January routine, Mr six and I started back.

I’ve discovered that the gym leaves me feeling a bit deflated. The cross trainer is something that is designed by funeral directors to drum up business! I’m not very good on the treadmill as I run like Phoebe from Friends! My knees hurt when I cycle and my elbows ache when I row. But I do like the weight machines, well specifically I love the thigh toners. But I’m going to keep going, I WILL stick at it!

I have, however, made a fantastic discovery – I have been reacquainted with aerobics. Good old fashioned, 1990s aerobics. Our gym runs a fantastic class once a week and it’s like Prozac for me. I feel so high after the class, not just immediately after, but for a few days. I NEED to keep going, it’s my sunshine.

And suddenly it clicked. Fitness isn’t about going to the gym three times a week. It’s about being generally more active. It’s walking further. It’s trying a new class (maybe sampling spinning or kettle bells). It’s swimming with my children at the weekends. It’s also about the gym and running and aerobics.

I need variety.

So now I’ve worked it out.

As the Urban Cookie Collective said, “I’ve got the key, I’ve got the secret”