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The health kick is in full swing – you can read all about that here. The gym membership is proving to be well worth the money and I’m really enjoying the classes I’m taking.

One thing I’ve really struggled with is a decent water bottle. Sounds like a really small thing – but hydration is so important, not just whilst working out, but every day as water helps keep your skin supple, your heart healthy and can even rev up your metabolism (which has GOT to a bonus!)

The first water bottle I purchased had a lid that I struggled to open – I had to use my teeth (not a good look) and then I couldn’t get the lid back on. Once I knocked it over, spilling my water and I was mortified. The second bottle I bought had a sports cap. It was so much better but the flow rate was too fast for me and when I took a swig during a particularly intense aerobics class I almost choked. Again not a good look!

So when OXO sent me one of their large twist top water bottles, I was thrilled.

The BPA-free blue and grey colour scheme is really attractive.


The large capacity (approximately 700ml) means that you can take on enough fluid easily? The straw allows me to control how quickly I drink whilst the twist top secures the straw and prevents spillages.



It has a wide neck, which means that it’s really easy to clean – or add fruit and ice (this morning I added a few slices of lemon and lime).


I love this bottle – and knowing that it’s dishwasher safe means it can be washed in super hot water, keeping it scrupulously clean. It is available online and in selected shops, priced at £10.00.

DISCLAIMER – I was kindly sent this bottle for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own.