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Waitrose recently asked us to look at our diet and make some healthy swaps. As I’m trying to lose weight, I was really keen to get onboard – but I was also interested to hear how we could improve what our children eat.

We’re vegetarian and eat plenty of healthy protein but I am mindful of sugar, salt and fat in our diet. I don’t buy cereals with sugary coating and stick to Rice Crispies, Shreddies and Cheerios. We buy wholemeal bread and although our boys love Marmite, they do tend to opt for jam which is worryingly sugary. We eat a lot of pasta – usually with a tomato sauce or pesto. If we have chips, we cook them in our Actifry and although I love sweet potato chips, our boys aren’t as keen and when I make mash, I add steamed cauliflower to make it creamy without adding lots of butter. I also juice frequently.


The nutritionist suggested we swap to Weetabix and add berries and mashing banana on toast to replace jam – both of which were huge hits with Munchkin!


For dinner, the obvious choice was to switch to wholewheat pasta which was incredibly tasty – we had pesto and added oven roasted peppers and courgettes which I drizzled with a small amount of honey and balsamic vinegar. The dish was really colourful and tasted wonderful. Another suggestion was to add celeriac to mash potato, something I’ve not yet tried.

I was advised that as juices contain concentrated sugars, they should be limited (we usually dilute fresh fruit juice) and that fruit is better eaten as it also contains extra fibre. Infused water (strawberries and mint or sliced orange and cucumber in a jug with water, refrigerated for 3-4 hours) is so much better for you; it tastes fabulous without the added calories.

I had a look at the healthy swap tool on the Waitrose website and have discovered a taste sensation: rough oatcakes with a little almond butter, topped with sliced banana.

Okay, it might not look pretty, but trust me... AMAZING!

Okay, it might not look pretty, but trust me… AMAZING!


This is a perfect snack – oatcakes release energy slowly throughout the day, almond butter is an excellent source of protein and monounsaturated fat whilst bananas are a great source of potassium, fibre, manganese and vitamins B6 and C.

If you’re looking to make some changes to your diet – or even if you want a few tips to tweak your eating plan, why not head over to the health swap tool and have a look at the great tips available.

DISCLAIMER – we were kindly sent a gift card to enable us to purchase the food suggested in the swap