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Munchkin has suffered with itchy skin ever since he was born.

Not just itchy skin – but incredibly itchy, no sleep because of scratching, painful and unsightly skin.

When he was little he would scratch well moisturised skin until it bled.


Our GP was great. He prescribed a raft of over the counter bath products and moisturisers, but nothing worked. Our GP then went on to prescribe stronger medications; steroids and hydrocortisones. They definitely made a difference but they’re not products you want to use long term.

When QV contacted me with products to use, I was delighted and sceptical in equal measures. I wasn’t sure that anything would help after using ‘heavy duty’ medications, but I was willing to try anything.

The QV range come in white packaging with a deep blue label – and a colourful band, indicating the product.


When they arrived, Munchkin was in the middle of a flare up and he was in so much pain…


But we used the bath oil and intensive ointment daily. The bath oil is lovely, it isn’t overly greasy – like products we had used previously – and the bath was daily cleaned afterwards (a big drawback with other bath oils) whilst the ointment not only helped keep the moisture in but also acted as a barrier, protecting the delicate skin. Within a week it was already starting to ease.


After just a few weeks it was so, so much better that we stepped down to the soap-free gentle wash and skin lotion. And now his skin is definitely under control.


One of our other sons also has eczema, albeit milder. He plays a lot of sport and his skin is exposed to the weather which doesn’t help. He has started using QV with the same positive results too.

DISCLAIMER – QV kindly sent us their products for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own. Unfortunately we weren’t able to take part in the 12 week programme as Munchkin has severe scalp psoriasis and needed hospital treatment as an outpatient