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It feels like I’ve been away forever.

I’ve had bronchitis.

It feels like I’ve been bedridden and poorly for ages – but it was only two weeks.

Two weeks of staring at the same four bedroom walls, two whole weeks of watching TV, two entire weeks of feeling like I was breathing in hot air from the oven, two painful weeks of coughing until my head hurt. It feels like longer.

I’ve just returned from the supermarket with Mr sixdegrees (I didn’t buy him there! We were shopping together) and I was telling him that I couldn’t wait to get back to blogging but that I feel I’ve lost my mojo a bit. The fact that I don’t fit into any specific category means that sometimes I feel a little ‘lost’…

Although I am a mum, I don’t feel that I am solely a mummy blogger. My cooking skills stretch to feeding a family of 6 (also known as catering for the masses) but not beyond. My fashion knowledge sometimes feels limited to what I can pick up in the supermarket as I don’t have time to shop elsewhere. I felt like I needed something new, something exciting and something interesting.

Mr sixdegrees listened. He nodded and made some noises that made me think he agreed. He then went quiet…and all of a sudden suggested I did a wine blog.

So here it is:

I drank wine. I got drunk


Do you think it will be successful? Feel free to ask questions because I’m clearly an expert and can help out with your wine drinking needs