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I’ve been trying to expand our menu which is difficult when there’s six of us each with our own likes and dislikes: a meal that one child loves is a meal that another child despises…

I’m taking part in the Thinking Slimmer programme and it’s really made me think about what we should be eating.

I’m not on a diet.

It allows you to re-programme your brain and find your ‘full’ button. It allows you to make changes, naturally. You start wanting fresh food; fruit and vegetables. You start drinking water. You find yourself leaving food on your plate, saying “No”,  moving more.

From within. Subconsciously.

We’re pescatarian. This means that we’re kind of vegetarian but we eat fish. This started because I wanted to be a vegetarian at the age of 11 – some 30 years ago, before there were good alternatives, before people were well educated and I was a gymnast, a swimmer, a runner and needed protein. My parents spoke to our family GP and who suggested pescatarianism as an alternative. Which I took.

Today I intended to make a fish pie. We really don’t eat enough fish so I checked out a few recipes online and nothing really appealed. I decided to use the bits I liked and leave out the things I didn’t. I winged it…

I used:

Two packs of fish pie mix (salmon, smoked haddock and white fish, half a bag of frozen leeks (which incidentally was a bit too much – next time I’ll uses slightly less), half a bag of fresh spinach, frozen peas, 650ml of skimmed milk, 3 tbsp of cornflour, 2 bay leaves, a small pack of readymade puff pastry and a bit of grated extra mature cheese.

I put the fish in the milk and added the bay leaves. I brought it up to a simmer then switched the heat off, leaving it for a few minutes (it doesn’t need to be wholly cooked as you’ll be putting it in the oven later).

I removed the fish and put it into an oven dish, put the cornflour to a small bowl and mixed it with a tiny bit of milk and added it to the warm milk, simmered it and allowed it to thicken. I added the frozen leeks and once warmed, tipped in herb spinach and peas.

Once the spinach was wilted, I poured the sauce over the fish, sprinkled on the cheese and allowed it to cool a little. I put the pastry over the mixture, crimped it to the pie dish, scored it, brushed on a little egg yolk, cut a wee hole in the centre to allow the steam to escape and cooked it in the oven, 200 c until gorgeously golden brown.

I served it with some delicious Aldi frozen steamed vegetables (carrot, broccoli and sweetcorn) which is super easy, just two minutes in the microwave.

It tasted truly amazing! Low fat and full of goodness.

Before cooking

Before cooking

After cooking

After cooking

Let me know how you squeeze fish into your diet as I would love some tasty fish recipes!