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I’m trying to include healthier meals in our menu plan. In fact, yesterday when I was sitting down to write my plan up, I asked our boys what they would like included and our 5 year offered ‘buffet’ – salad, nice bread, olives, houmous, cheese, grapes… I was impressed! Not only is it healthy, it will take no time to throw together (a night off cooking? I don’t need to be asked twice!)

But today I have a salmon fillet in the fridge that is calling my name. I gave it a lot of thought and resisted the idea of simply cooking it and adding it to a salad as that’s pretty basic – and let’s be honest, isn’t very tempting on a cold, wet evening. I wanted something comforting and warming.

I had a rummage in the cupboards to see what I could use (in a Ready, Steady, Cook style) and plumped for a salmon fajita style meal…

Now, whilst this meal is totally delicious, it really ticks so many health boxes: salmon is a fantastic source of protein, selenium, potassium, vitamin B12 and omega-3. And as I steamed it, I didn’t add any unwanted fat. I only had white flour tortillas, but I would have preferred corn tortillas which are incredibly tasty and a whole lot healthier, containing less calories, less salt and less fat! I found a bag of frozen Mediterranean vegetables in my freezer – a lovely mixture of tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and aubergine – so I cooked them off in the oven with a little oil and a drizzle of honey to bring out their natural sweetness.


To make up the fajitas, I smeared a little natural yogurt on the tortilla (healthier than sour cream), flaked the salmon, added the vegetables and poured on a little sweet chilli sauce to give it a kick.



Let me know if you try this… And if you have any salmon recipes, I’d love to hear them