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I’ve never really been one for taking vitamins. Well, I make an effort to buy them and then I take them for a week or so but before long I forget – then when I remember about them I discover them in the cupboard, out of date, so I buy some more.

Something I do need daily is a liquid iron (in a glass of orange juice) as I can’t maintain my iron levels and I am incredibly sensitive to all other types of iron supplements so when I discovered Emergen-C I was really pleased.


Emergen-C is a fabulous idea – sachets of an effervescent vitamin C. This means it’s so convenient as you can pop a couple in your bag to ensure that even if you do forget to take it at home, you can have it at work.

So why is Emergen-C so good? Well, our bodies can’t make vitamin C and whilst it’s a popular remedy for the common cold and to fight infection, it is needed for growth and repair of tissue. Vitamin C is a proven antioxidant, blocking free radicals – and Emergen-C provides an enormous 1000mg per sachet.

Emergen-C also contains B vitamins (which support metabolism and reduce tiredness) and minerals including folic acid, magnesium and zinc.

It comes in three delicious flavours; Super Orange, Zingy Lemon and even Juicy Strawberry. I’ve tried all three and was very pleasantly surprised. The strawberry is a delicate fruit flavour and not too sweet. The lemon is lovely, not tart but not sweet either. My absolute favourite is the orange though, it’s so refreshing. Another plus to Emergen-C being a powder (as opposed to other effervescent drinks that come in a tablet form) is there’s no waiting for it to dissolve and there’s no residue. There’s also no nasty articial sweetener taste!


If you pop over to the Emergen-C website, there are some ideas of things to make with the drink, including a wonderfully healthy mocktail and an ice lolly.

Emergen-C are available from supermarkets and chemists and costs £4.99 for a pack of 8, £13.99 for a pack of 24 and 99p for a single sachet

*DISCLAIMER – I was kindly sent these for the purpose of the review, but all words are my own*