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When I was little, we didn’t make a huge deal on Mother’s Day. Or Father’s Day. Maybe it was because we didn’t have a massive amount of spare money – or maybe it was because a token gift and a handmade card was enough for my parents.

And in that respect I think Mother’s Day is a little like Valentine’s Day. Let me explain…

For me, I’ve been able to acknowledge my love BUT it’s only a day. It’s the relationship throughout the rest of the year that is important and if you can’t make your significant other/parent feel appreciated and loved all year round then having a named day shouldn’t mean your behaviour changes.

But since becoming a mum, I feel slightly differently. I love my children with all my heart but sometimes the early starts, washing dirty pants and smelly socks, the occasional stepping-in-wee when using the loo in the night and becoming so talented at settling rows between siblings that Ban Ki-moon thinks you’re over qualified to join him at the U.N. means that I don’t take the time to sit back and appreciate just how lucky I am.

And I really am!

My absolute favourite people

My absolute favourite people

I talk a lot about Munchkin, because I spend most of my time with him.


Our older boys are in high school and have their own lives. And it isn’t cool to hang out with your parents. Not even parents that aren’t even embarrassing and are clearly the coolest cats around! (Kids still talk like that, right?)

See! Not embarrassing, in the slightest

See! Not embarrassing, in the slightest

But spending time with them really is a joy. They are bright, intelligent, thoughtful young men. They are funny and interesting and obviously good looking…

I am SO proud.

They are truly my greatest achievement. They show me the world though new eyes. I’m always learning, thanks to my wonderful boys.

So on Sunday, whilst thanking my mum for everything she has done for me – and just as importantly, remembering my wonderful mother-in-law for single handedly bringing up my husband to be the AMAZING man that he is – I will be taking a moment to cherish just how lucky I am.

To have ALL my boys. Hubby included!

And how my life is so much more chaotic but full of love than I ever imagined.

Mother’s Day.

I am the luckiest lady alive ❤️