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We went out yesterday, to see the eclipse. Unfortunately the cloud prevented us from having a decent view – but two workmen very kindly offered us their welding masks so that we could watch safely. However, Spring was definitely in the air and it was lovely to be out.

Today the sun has been shining again and I feel all zingy – so with that in mind, I decided to cobble together a fresh drink. It is so easy (regular readers might spot an ‘easy’ theme with all my recipes) and is lovely.

You will need some lemons, limes, oranges, bitter lemon and vodka (or gin if you would prefer).

Cut the lemons and limes into wedges and slice the oranges (I then cut the slices into quarters, just to make it look nice).


Put the wedges into a glass (I used two of each) and give them a proper good bash with the end of a rolling pin or squeeze them. Add some ice and alcohol of choice, top up with bitter lemon and decorate with orange slices.

See! How easy is that?! And it looks very pretty too


You could always omit the alcohol for a fresh tasting mocktail, if that’s your thing too