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A huge thanks to Ally from messed up mum for tagging me in the ’50 things that make me happy’ posts. It’s such a great idea – and far more of a challenge than I anticipated; I have a fabulous life but pin pointing specific things that make me happy was hard!

  1. My family. I have the most perfect husband and children! My parents and the rest of our extended family are simply amazing too.
  2. Being at home. Surrounded by my favourite people and things that remind me of happy times.
  3. Having a lie in.
  4. The first coffee of the day.
  5. Sunshine.
  6. Getting DRENCHED in the rain.
  7. Snow.
  8. Making plans – filling up our calendar with things to look forward to; gigs, holidays, weekends away visiting friends, going our for dinner.
  9. Stationery.
  10. Making lists, whether it’s to-do lists, menu plans, shopping lists. I like feeling organised.
  11. Parents’ evening. Hearing what our children get up to whilst they are in someone else’s care and filling in the blanks.
  12. Laughing, obviously. Mr six and I laugh a LOT, we have lots of in-jokes and share a very similar sense of humour.
  13. Cuddles.
  14. Singing in the car. It sounds so much better than anywhere else and makes our frequent road trips more fun (it’s normal to MAKE your husband learn the words to ‘Love Is An Open Door’ and sing a duet, right?)
  15. The beach.
  16. Empty laundry baskets.
  17. Our wedding photos ❤️
  18. Reading. Be it curled up with a book or making the most of a lonely train journey with my Nook.
  19. Aerobics.
  20. Being Welsh.
  21. Having ginger hair.
  22. Wine and cheese.
  23. Christmas.
  24. Fresh bedding.
  25. Flowers.
  26. Getting a bargain.
  27. Music. I’m very lucky that I am married to a drummer so I always have music in my life.
  28. Days out.
  29. Enjoying a TV series that I didn’t think I would (Fortitude was amazing and I have just discovered Game Of Thrones)
  30. Candles.
  31. Chatting with friends – face to face, on the phone, via FB, email or text, it’s all good.
  32. Getting my hair cut.
  33. Having my nails done.
  34. Good manners. Holding the door open, smiling, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ costs nothing and could make someone else feel infinitely better about their day.
  35. Dancing in the kitchen whilst cooking.
  36. Surprises.
  37. Sledging. Growing up in the Welsh hills meant plenty of opportunity to sledge.
  38. Amazing views. They take my breath away and make me wish I was good at photography.
  39. Quiz shows. The feeling of answering more than a couple of questions on University Challenge…
  40. Dave Grohl. No words necessary.
  41. Baths and showers with the bathroom window open (not so that people can see!) But a hot bath in the winter or a shower in the summer when you can hear the snow falling/people mowing their lawns.
  42. A cheeky pub lunch, on a rare occasion.
  43. Watching ‘Friends’ – I know some episodes word-for-word and I still get choked up watching the final episode EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  44. Our entire family descending on my parents’ house for Christmas or a birthday, giving us all a chance to catch up and watching all the cousins interacting.
  45. Losing weight.
  46. Getting ‘proper’ post. And parcels.
  47. Writing.
  48. Spotting a white feather when I need to feel a connection with someone.
  49. Randomly singing song lyrics when you hear someone say something.
  50. Finally reaching the end of this!

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