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Munchkin loves Swashbuckle – and who wouldn’t?! A game show for children that has everything little people could want: baddies, slapstick comedy and pirates. So when we were offered the chance to review the new Swashbuckle magazine, I knew that Munchkin would be thrilled.


The first edition comes with a treasure chest and five gems – just like the ones on the programme – as well as a spinner (to choose your pirate name), a foam pirate hat and 77 stickers.


As with all the magazines from CBeebies, it supports the early years curriculum, based on 7 areas of learning: feeling good, physical development, maths, communication & language, being creative, finding out and literacy – but all little people know is that it’s ‘jolly good fun’ as they complete the fun activities, colour in, add stickers and read the stories to win back the gems.


We particularly liked the addition of Blippar, a free app that you can download. When you see this symbol


you simply point your phone or tablet for extra, interactive fun such as learning do the Swashbuckle salute with Gem herself, watching a real octopus and even watching Gem singing the Swashbuckle song

Munchkin has simply adored this – and at just £2.75 it has definitely provided fantastic value for money.

*Swashbuckle launches on 13 May, with the second edition due out on 24 June*