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Indio’s Dream

Indio’s Dream are a five piece band based in the North West featuring Graham Kay (guitar), Alan Parry (double bass), Emma Jane Thomas (vocals), Duncan Farmer (drums) and Jack Beacall (keyboards).

L-R Jack, Al, Graham, Duncan, Emma

L-R Jack, Al, Graham, Duncan, Emma

They have spent more than three years writing and formulating their original modern and contemporary sound; an eclectic mix of soul funk and jazz moulded around Emma’s hauntingly beautiful vocal style.

I was invited along to interview Indio’s Dream at their recent session recording at Bay TV in Liverpool.

Behind the scenes look at the set at Bay TV

Behind the scenes look at the set at Bay TV

Hi guys, thanks for inviting me along. How did you form the band?

Al: It was fate, really. We’ve all been in the music business for years; Graham and I were in a band together about 20 years ago and Duncan was working in another band. More recently Emma sang backing vocals in a band I was in, but a birthday reunion got us together and Duncan got onboard. As our music evolved, Jack joined about 12 months ago and added a completely different dynamic.

Your set looks amazing!

Graham: Thanks, my initial image for the band was the dark, smoky jazz club/lounge vibe. I tried to create an intimate atmosphere, like a movie set, to draw people in and I wanted to set the scene to compliment the music.


Can you tell me about your song writing process? 

Emma: Graham writes the tune and I write the lyrics, then at rehearsal we all add a little of ourselves to it. It’s an organic process – and really, when does a song stop evolving? Some of the older songs in our set sound completely different now compared to how they started out. Live music is about the moment…

Do you think it’s easier being in a band nowadays, being able to utilise social media?

Graham: With so many other artists out there, you need to stand out and connect with your audience! But it also means that we can reach out and contact people.

Duncan: It gives us a far greater opportunity to showcase ourselves. We have a YouTube channel and we’re able to keep people updated with dates for gigs via Twitter and Facebook.


Have you got any upcoming gigs?

Jack: We’ve got a busy time ahead!

May 22 we’ll be at Kash 22 in Frodsham

June 13 we’re at the Live Rooms in Chester,

June 27 we’re playing a charity gig in The White Lion in Alvanley

July 25 we’ll be returning to Telford’s Warehouse in Chester

Wow! Busy indeed! Thank you so much for your time, good luck with everything!


Bay TV is an Internet television channel, based in Liverpool. As well as live streaming and on demand content, including music, news, politics and sport, Bay TV also broadcast on Freeview channel 8 in the Liverpool and Cheshire area. In 2013 Bay TV was awarded Best Media Website in the Prolific North West awards.

*You can see the recorded performances from June 11 on the Bay TV website