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I was tagged by Vicky from beingtillysmummy to write an ‘I am the mum who…’ post – and as a mum of four boys, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Dear boys,

I am the mum who…

  • Didn’t know I wanted to be a mum – until I first held you. Then, I felt such a rush of love in an instant and I just knew that my life was suddenly exponentially better. Richer. That a whole new life of fun and adventures awaited us.
  • Can’t function without sleep and coffee.
  • Has no shame. My supermarket dancing is only the tip of the iceberg – be afraid boys, be very afraid!
  • Has slid off the toilet seat in the night because one of you has managed to wee everywhere.
  • Wept buckets when you started school because there is nothing I love more than spending time with you.
  • Despite my previous comment, I also love seeing you strike out on your own – discovering subjects that you are enthusiastic about, friends that help shape you, sport and music that resonate with you.
  • Is torn between telling you the truth about certain things, and wanting to protect you.
  • Was at a Foo Fighters’ gig, singing my lungs out and jumping around, when I glanced to my left and saw you doing exactly the same – and I wanted to hug you hard and tell you how much I love you in front of 50,000 other singing and dancing fans.
  • Claims she wants to ‘adopt’ Taylor Hawkins – because the reality of what I would like to do to and with him would leave you in a lifetime of therapy.
  • Could not be prouder of you.
  • Wants you to travel and experience everything the world has to offer whilst also wanting to wrap you up in cotton wool; because if anything ever happened to you, my heart would break in a way that could never heal.

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