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As you may be aware, butterflies are something that I am really scared of – it’s the flapping and the powdery wings and the fact that they are the insect world equivalent to big bearded men in make up and dresses…

I am, however, fascinated by them; their colours are beautiful. So when Interplay asked us to review Nick Baker’s Butterfly World, I didn’t think twice.

I am a huge fan of the ‘My Living World’ range by Interplay (you may recall that we reviewed the Worm Farm last month). The boxes are bright and lots of pictures and information about the products.


Inside the box, you’ll find the pop up butterfly ‘house’ and Nick Baker’s comprehensive information guide which tells you how to rear your caterpillars and lots of information about the life cycle, looking after the butterflies and specifically about the ‘painted ladies’.

Our box arrived and we ordered the caterpillars, which arrived very quickly. Munchkin was very excited and kept looking at the clear plastic pot which contained 5 tiny caterpillars and a firm, brown substance (the artificial food). The plastic lid had air holes and under this was a sheet of brown paper which prevents parasites getting in and allows the caterpillars to hang once they start to form a chrysalis.


We kept them on the shelf in the dining room so that he could watch them everyday.

Our caterpillars started to grow very quickly and eventually started to spin silk and hang from the lid. A few days after the chrysalis were formed, we removed the plastic lid, stuck on the sticky pads (which were provided) and carefully attached it to the ‘ceiling’ of the pop-up house. Unfortunately, one caterpillar didn’t make it.

It seemed like a really long time before anything else happened… But one morning I noticed a flapping in the butterfly house and went to investigate.

Our first butterfly had emerged!


Over the course of the day, two more hatched and two days later our fourth remaining butterfly hatched.

Munchkin has really loved this kit. He wants to keep the butterflies, feed them and see if we get more caterpillars. He has been far more engaged than I expected and it’s been lovely to see his enthusiasm.

You can purchase this wonderfully educational kit direct from InterplayUK for just £12.99