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We were thrilled when as were asked to review Yummy Nummies – Munchkin and I bake together but this is even more fun. Food AND crafting rolled into one.


If you haven’t heard about Yummy Nummies, they are based on a craze that started in Japan Where children can create miniature food items that look and taste just like the real thing!

There are lots of different items in this range:

In Dinner Delights there are:

  • Chicken nuggests
  • burger and fries
  • spaghetti and meatballs
  • pizzas

In Bakery Treats there are:

  • Cupcakes
  • Doughnuts
  • Cookies

In Candy Shop there are:

  • Gummy goodies
  • Chocolate bar maker

We received the pizzas and the cookies.


We started with the pizzas. I emptied the contents of the box out and read through the instructions. We measured out the required amount of crust powder, added water and stirred. We filled the little pizza moulds and microwaved for 10 seconds. Then we measured out the sauce powder, added water and topped the pizzas. Again we microwaved them.

image image

We let them cool before adding the cheese powder and served the pizzas on the tiny pizza peel (the shovel like tool used by bakers).

image image

Then we moved on to the cookies. Again I laid out the contents of the box and read the instructions. We measured the powder and water, and mixed well before filling the moulds.

image image

We then added the milk choc chips and microwaving for 20 seconds. We put the cookies into the printed mini cookie bag which was provided.


Everything we needed to make the cookies and pizzas was included in the box – except water, a microwave and scissors. Munchkin had a lot of fun making these and at £6.99 they are a low cost, fun activity – although they are by no means a substitute for a healthy diet.

You can find out more about the entire range of Yummy Nummies over at Character’s website or at ToysRUs