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Yesterday I should have been filming with ‘Good Morning Britain’ – and today I should have been appearing live (ooh Ben Shephard!) but at the last minute we were pulled in favour of a family that lives closer to the studio: “Location, location, location”

So, why would I be on TV?

Well, Wall’s Pastry are running a campaign called #SimpleSolutions – tips to help children get involved in helping out around the house.

Do you encourage your children to help out?

When I was discussing this a couple of years ago (on Facebook) I was told that children should NOT help out as the housework is an adult’s job! And whilst I am wholly against child labour, I’m not adverse to asking my children chip in.

I believe that giving a child an AGE APPROPRIATE job gives them a sense of responsibility, an understanding of team work and a sense of community. Our 5 yr old is expected to tidy up after himself and often sets the table. Our teens empty the dishwasher and feed and walk our dog. They also strip their own beds and remake them on a Sunday morning (this also means that they get to retain some privacy). Our eldest irons his own clothes – although this might be his choice as I’ll never win an award for my skills with an iron!

I’m not talking about strapping noodle dusters to a crawling baby and have them clean the floors. I’m not suggesting you shove your youngsters up the chimney.

Age appropriate jobs, people, AGE APPROPRIATE!

I think that it goes further than that – holding doors open for the person behind them, using their manners, understanding that their behaviour impacts on others. And children need to be taught life skills. I want them to become independent people with a solid set of life skills because the ability to make toast and warm beans means they will be confident to attempt to cook simple meals, being asked to clean their bedrooms means they know how to use a vacuum cleaner and understanding how a washing machine works means they are equipped to have clean clothes for life…

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