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Over the past few days, Munchkin has asked a few questions about bullying. As he’s on his school holiday, I can only assume he’s seen something on the television that has prompted these questions.

I’ve tried to reassure him that he goes to a lovely school and that the children in his class are friends with everyone, but I do worry. He’s a sensitive little man and I wouldn’t like to think that someone would take his gentle nature as a sign of weakness and that then he could become a victim.

We are very lucky, as the school strives to forge good relationships with parents and the teachers are very approachable and understanding (the teacher he had this year was just incredible and we couldn’t have wished for better) but I realise that not all schools are so fabulous.

All of this has made me think.

When I was little, my parents told me that people only bullied because they were jealous or unhappy. Toys, clothes and even just a good home life can lead to one child feeling the wrath of another child. Children are not well equipped to deal with their emotions and then they lash out. Or they may not even be aware of these feelings.

Only yesterday a 16 year old girl was given a ten month referral order after a video of her attacking two 14 year olds in the street went viral.

But bullying isn’t confined to school children.

Adults are bullied in the work place. Maybe they are better at their job. Maybe they are more popular. Maybe the ‘bully’ is unhappy at home.

They can intimidate and belittle. They can drive a wedge between colleagues, preventing support and friendships. They can make the extended working hours completely miserable.

And this is unforgivable.

As adults, I think we should be pleased for the success of others; we should aim to help others and make positive changes, instead of trying to get ahead purely by dragging other people down…

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