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Mr six and I have busy lives – well, as parents you do, don’t you.

We try to make time for just us, not really a ‘date night’ as such, just to make sure we spend *some* time together as a couple and to give us the opportunity to reconnect which can be tough with a house FULL of children.

(Ok, not FULL, but with four boys of our own and their friends/girlfriends etc, time alone is precious!)

About 18 months ago we stumbled on the perfect night out for us – comedy (as if we weren’t already funny enough…) But honestly, what could be more perfect than a night out, away from all responsibility, laughing heartily together.

It turns out that we are so lucky because there is a fantastic comedy night, thanks to Kill For A Seat, in our local theatre once a month. It costs just £12 a ticket and we have seen some amazing acts, not just local comedians, but people we’ve loved from the television (Zoe Lyons was GENIUS from beginning to end and we will definitely be back to watch her in November and Ben Norris was simply perfect!)

Added to the stellar performances from the guests, the host is a fantastic comedian too. His name is Silky and he is super talented. He can often be seen with a guitar, singing songs that leave me with tears of joy running down my face and clutching my aching stomach muscles.

And now you too can catch Silky as this year he is performing at the Edinburgh Festival.

If you are going to be in Edinburgh during August, I heartily recommend catching one of his shows at The Stand Comedy Club at 6pm everyday (although not 14th) and if you want to book tickets, you can do that here.

*Please note, I am not connected to Silky in any way, nor have I been asked to advertise him, I just really enjoy his act and thought you might like to as well*