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I love gadgets. Love them!

I often carry my iPad around when we’re out for making notes or checking the Internet. I draft up my blogs on it then edit on my beautiful purple laptop. I love the iPad apps. I love the convenience. I love everything about it.

I used to be a complete technophobe but Mr six introduced me to a whole new world  and now I embrac it with open arms. I love everything about it.

Well, almost everything.

I do sometimes miss a ‘proper’ keyboard. A keyboard with physical keys and other functions. The Bluetooth keyboards really interested me but I wasn’t entirely sure whether it was (a) just a passing phase and (b) going to be good value for money.

I looked around to see what was available and finally decided on a keyboard from Case Happy as they were competitively priced at £26.99.


When it arrived I was pleased to see that that instructions were really clear and easy to understand – there’s nothing worse than being super excited about a new gadget then having to wade through pages and pages of complicated directions.

It was also really simple to connect to my iPad. A few basics steps to allow the Bluetooth to pair and I was away!


I’m so pleased I opted for this keyboard as it allows me to do everything a normal keyboard would – and with the swipe of a button, my touch screen keyboard is accessible, meaning I can still use my emoji when texting or stickers when messaging.

Once I’ve finished my iPad fits neatly into the keyboard, which acts as a case and protects the screen.

I am so convinced by this keyboard that I’m already looking for one for my iPad Air

*DISCLAIMER – I was kindly sent this keyboard for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own*