“Good friends are like bras… Supportive and close to your heart”

I’ve known my best friend for 30 years. We met in our first week in high school. A couple of years later we met two others girls – and our lives were never the same again.

Our late teenage years were crazy. Chaotic. Fuelled by alcohol. Filled with night clubs and parties. And hellishly good fun.

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Over the years, we have welcomed more people to our group; husbands, children, colleagues and neighbours. We have been there to support each other through incredible highs and crushing lows. Sharing secrets, insecurities and inner thoughts. Unfortunately family life, jobs and house moves (one now lives in Qatar!) means that we don’t see as much of each other as much as we have previously. But my goodness, when we do meet up, the time without each other means nothing.

We’ve just had a weekend together.


As always, it meant screams of laughter, tears rolling down cheeks, not being able to finish sentences due to not being able to breathe and sometimes not getting to finish a sentence because everyone is talking at the same time.

A weekend of hugging.

Feeling loved.


Regaling others with tales of hilarity.

Completely inappropriate behaviour.

Making new memories and friends as we go.

And I wouldn’t change a thing!

Girlies, I am missing you already and I love you all dearly.


The Uncheshire Wife