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It’s always lovely to spend time together as a family and playing board games is a fabulous low tech way to reconnect.

5 Second Rule‘ from University Games is great fun! It’s a very simple premise: name 3 things within 5 seconds.

But don’t be fooled!

Whilst it may be easy to learn, it’s a fast paced, challenging game.

Essentially it’s a simple board game that you answer questions to move your counter along the 10 spaces to the end, but the questions combined with the time constraint make ‘5 Second Rule’ a little different.

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I played with my 18 and 13 year old (and my 5 year old sat with us and took part in some of the simpler questions) and we laughed. A lot.

After a quick read of the rules, we set it up and started playing.

Because the questions are so simple, the age range is 8+. The tough part is trying to recall easy, everyday things whilst under the pressure of the timer counting down.

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As the players say whether or not answers are allowed, the game really becomes tailored to suit you and very personal. When my eldest was asked to name three spices, he answered, “Posh, chilli and Old” which although probably not what the game designers had in mind, we let him have because we’re liked the originality and it made us laugh – especially as it didn’t dawn on him to just name two other Spice Girls(!)

Mr six and I are going away with a big group of our friends at the end of the month and I really think that this game could definitely be a great game to play with alcohol too as it is so much fun.

*DISCLAIMER: we were kindly sent this game for the purpose of the review but all words are my own