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I have been tagged by the wonderful Mummy Melton from The Melton House to take part in the Ultimate Bucket List; a list of things I simply must do before I die


So here goes…

  1. To buy a bigger house. We’ve found the house we want. It’s close by and perfect for us…
  2. To win the lottery (I suspect this is on most people’s lists)
  3. For our boys to remain happy and healthy
  4. For our boys to become successful in whatever they choose to do
  5. For our boys to be proud of me and Mr sixdegrees
  6. To have a cleaner – or a self cleaning house. Whichever
  7. To have more time with Mr sixdegrees
  8. To have more time to spend with our children
  9. To have more energy and less aches
  10. To have chickens
  11. To visit Fiji
  12. To visit Australia
  13. To visit Hawaii
  14. To be slimmer
  15. To take all our boys on an amazing holiday
  16. To see the Northern Lights
  17. To blog more successfully
  18. To be an extra in a film
  19. To learn to drive
  20. To be able to run again – and complete a run with Mr sixdegrees
  21. To row. Mr sixdegrees thinks that it might be the sport for me. I’m not sure, but I’d definitely like to give it a try
  22. To see more of our friends
  23. To be able to provide our children with everything they need
  24. To have an ‘open house’ policy so that our children could have their friends here all the time, have them all stay for dinner and stay overnight whenever (space just doesn’t allow that, currently)
  25. For Mr sixdegree’s band to have all the success they truly deserve
  26. To be able to go camping more often
  27. To have a camper van – so that we could go away even when the weather is guff
  28. To have our wedding photos redone and relive the day because it was magical
  29. To have a much bigger bed
  30. To do some fundraising with a charity
  31. Spend more time on the beach
  32. Spend more time in the sun
  33. Have a gardener (gardening is housework outside!)
  34. To try TV presenting as I’ve always fancied it. I quite fancied being a Blue Peter presenter when I was younger but I am too old and haven’t got the stamina now
  35. To be more relaxed and experience less anxiety issues

I thought that I would have many, many more things that I wanted to do – and I thought it would be easier…

I’d like to tag The Uncheshire Wife, Sounding Like My Mother and Domesticated Momster to write their Ultimate Bucket Lists, if they would like to join in x