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Once you become a parent, you start to view the world through new eyes. Tired eyes. But more than that, you learn many things whilst educating your small charge.

As your child grows and goes off to school, you learn so much more.

Our older boys are at high school and are passionate about certain subjects. They often talk about what they’ve learnt and leave Mr six and I open mouthed with the extent of their newly discovered knowledge. It’s wonderful.

Last night after putting Munchkin to bed Mr six and I settled down to watch a film. He chose the new Daniel Radcliffe offering, ‘The Gamechangers’, about the morality of the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Our 15 year old who wants to be a games designer came down to watch it with us.

At one point in the story, a hacker discovers some hidden code. The inference was that it was left in deliberately so that people could find it. Rockstar, the company that make the GTA games, denied that this was the case.

Mr six asked why it had been left in if Rockstar had decided not to proceed with the scenes. I was flummoxed. I’m not overly tech savvy – since starting blogging, I have picked up a little know-how but couldn’t answer him. Our son explained that although the scenes were effectively deleted, there may be code that they needed so it was just ‘hidden from sight’.

I kind of understood what he meant but Mr six wasn’t convinced by the explanation. So our son had a little think then came up with this explanation:

Imagine if you built a house. Two, maybe three storeys. Now that it’s ready to move in to, you decide that one of the rooms on the ground floor is awful. You can’t remove it because you’ve built above it. So you just close the door and plaster over it. It’s still there but hidden from view.

And that, my friends, explains it perfectly and I am so pleased to be educated by our son.

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