Munchkin LOVES pasta. He loves it with Marmite, with cheese, pasta bake but most of all he loves pasta, pesto and roasted vegetables.

I often make pesto, but I find that sometimes the taste can be a little harsh and basil can be expensive when you’re buying enough to feed 6 people.

But Munchkin hates peas. He loathes them. He always has done – even when he was little and I told him they were ‘Happ-peas’ and people who ate them became happier (we all make that kind of stuff up to encourage them to eat stuff, right?)

I wanted to make a dish that included peas that Munchkin would eat so came up with pea-sto.

It is incredibly easy to make: some frozen peas, a handful of basil, grated cheese, garlic, a squeeze of lemon and a glug of oil all popped into the blender and whizzed up.


Crucially, it looks identical to homemade pesto and it fooled Munchkin.


I simply poured it over cooked pasta and added our usual mix of roasted courgettes, peppers and aubergines and topped with a little more grated cheese.

Our teens said that they preferred it to shop bought pesto too which is great because I like to know exactly what we’re eating.

So why not give it a try and let me know what you think.

Cuddle Fairy