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I’ve made no secret of the fact meal times can be a little tricky here. Everyone likes different things. I try to stick to my rule of only cooking one meal.

But rules can be bent.

Munchkin likes completely different foods to our older boys. They like foods with a kick and often add a habenero sauce to dishes. So with this in mind, one evening last week I came up with ‘mince 3 ways’.

I made up a large batch of my veggie bolognaise and removed a little portion for Munchkin to have with spaghetti.

photo 1 (4)

Then I made up an individual carb free lasagne for myself using a some of the mince. I swapped out pasta for slices of courgette and used a mix of natural yogurt and cottage cheese for the white sauce.


Finally I added some rinsed baked beans and some chopped chillies to serve with rice for our teens.

Result? Happy family!

Do you have any tips for making sure everyone gets what they want without preparing multiple dishes?