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We love it. It’s a huge favourite in the sixdegrees household. I pack it into the school lunch boxes, we take it on picnics, Friday nights it accompanies wine and biscuits, we grate it and smoother pasta with it…

Laughing Cow have recently brought out a new range of their delicious cheeses – they are mini cubes of heavenly creaminess. Convenient and containing just 14 calories per individually wrapped cube.

The come in three varieties

The original flavour is excellent. We all loved this, sweet, mild variety.


The ham and herb variety was hoovered up by the only non-vegetarian in our house: Teen 1. He loved them. He said that they had a lovely after taste too. The garlic and herb was really delicate and would be a lovely addition to a baguette with salad. The three cheese is so different; sweet yet tangy.


The cheddar is flavour is pleasantly strong but creamy. Teen 2 loved this one. The smoked cheese flavour was strong and was possibly our least favourite  – but given how much we loved the other flavours, it was purely by comparison. The blue cheese flavour was my favourite. It doesn’t have a pungent smell but has all of the flavour of blue cheese.


These Laughing Cow Mini Cravings are now available in the chiller aisle in supermarkets, priced at £2 per 125g pack (24 cheese cubes)

*DISCLAIMER – we were sent these for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own*