Construction kits, usually bricks, are a huge hit with Munchkin. So when Interplay sent us the Stunt Buggy, I knew it would be a success.


Previously we have reviewed kits from the ‘My Living World’ series, but this kit is from the ‘Technokit‘ range; projects designed to promote electronic and scientific principles through play.

We started off by emptying the bits out and familiarising ourselves with the parts. Then we carefully separated the pieces (a tip here would be to use a pencil to ease out some of the more intricate parts).

The instructions are clear and easy to follow – but given that Munchkin has just turned 6, I supervised him which gave us plenty of opportunity to talk about what we were doing.

When we got to attaching the pulley, I had to step in and read the instructions as it got a little more complex. Then we attached the motor, connected the battery box and Munchkin was off!


The instructions explain how you can modify the buggy; by placing different washers in the driven pulley and how to make it go faster.

The buggy didn’t take long too build at all, there was no gluing so there was no mess AND Munchkin then had a car to play with, making it a perfect rainy day activity!

The stunt buggy is available for £9.99

*DISCLAIMER – we were sent this product for the purpose of the review, but all words are my own*