Being at home most of the week means that lunch can become quite mundane. A cheese sandwich. A cheese and tomato toastie. A cheese and rocket Panini…

If Mr Six is off, we might push the boat out and have something a little more adventurous (cheese, apple, mushroom, chilli and basil) but it’s all very much of a muchness.

Then I heard about Cheese Posties.

FullSizeRender (6)

A subscription box, that fits through your letter box, containing EVERYTHING you need to make an exciting cheese toastie for lunch. Well, everything bar the toaster!

They cater for all tastes – sweet and savoury, nut free, plenty of veggie options, gluten free bread if you require – but what turns up is a surprise.

I couldn’t wait to open my package – and was thrilled to discover ‘Jaffa Cake’:

FullSizeRender (5)

two slices of bread, a sachet of marmalade, a sachet of mascarpone, squares of dark chocolate, butter and a re-usable toastie bag.

I quickly set about assembling my sandwich – everything bar the butter on the inside, butter goes on the outside – slipped it into the toastie bag and put it into the toaster.

And what did it taste like? All of the awesome, that’s what! My 6 year old took a bite, lifted his face to the ceiling closed his eyes and went silent. My teens also loved it. And this is the squidgy, chocolate orange delight in all its glory…


*DISCLAIMER – we were sent this product for the purpose of the review, but all words are my own*