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This Christmas Mr sixdegreesofharmony has offered to cook our Christmas meal – and he has invited our extended family too.

Mr six is a great cook. But as it’s been a while since we entertained, I suggested we had a trial run, for timing as our oven can be a little temperamental.

When he opened the oven, I was appalled. I had become blind to just how badly it needed cleaning. The children are guilty of cooking pizzas directly on to the shelves, the grill pan was burnt and black, the smell was awful – greasy and dirty.

The kitchen should have smelled of the wonderful dinner that Mr six was cooking, but there was definitely an unpleasant odour mixed in.

But we had been challenged by Oven Pride to clean so I was prepared.

If you don’t believe just how bad it was, take a look…

We sat down to eat our meal – veggie roast, roast potatoes, parsnips, vegetables, gravy and bread sauce – but I knew that it was a job that had to be tackled before we cooked the official meal. And the state of this meal reflects just how I felt about that task…


Although there was no hint of how badly the oven needed cleaning whilst we were eating (being vegetarian means that there isn’t really any cross contamination of food smells)  I would have been mortified if my parents had seen the state of it. I really needed peace of mind!

Once we had finished our meal and stacked the dishwasher, I opened the box and took everything out.

FullSizeRender (8)

I took the large plastic bag, put my now cooled racks in, poured in roughly 3/4 of the thick, colourless liquid and sealed the bag. I particularly liked that it was odourless which meant I wasn’t choking on noxious smells as I went. Then I tipped the bag so that all of the racks were covered and left it to work in the sink overnight.

When I came down in the morning, I was amazed – the clear liquid and brown racks had transformed to brown liquid and shiny racks. All the burnt on grease had magically lifted off with (and this next bit is crucial) no effort on my part at all.


I tipped the bag again, to ensure that everywhere was fully coated whilst I had a brew and then I put the racks into the dishwasher to make sure all the Oven Pride was thoroughly rinsed off.

Meanwhile I poured a little of the remaining liquid on the door, left it for a few minutes and wiped. The door was already infinitely cleaner. I used the scrubby side of one of our dish sponges and even the stubborn stains lifted.


It’s incredibly easy to use. As I said, Oven Pride requires no effort, just a minimum of four hours (or overnight in our case). And with a price of just £4, it won’t break the bank either.

The cooking of the second meal was a far more pleasant experience. The kitchen was filled with just the aromas of Christmas dinner cooking and I would have been happy for anyone to see look at how clean my oven was. And anything that reduces stress when entertaining has got to be a winner! This time I enjoyed our meal so much more…


DISCLAIMER – we were kindly provided with a food voucher and a bottle of Oven Pride to complete this challenge*