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I don’t make new year resolutions.

I’m not a fan of the ‘new year, new me’ line.

I prefer to make a change when I’m ready to; not to wait until January 1 or Monday or some other deadline.

This is why I have decided to make some small – and simple – changes to our lives.

Now, I realise that this could look like it is coinciding with January 1, but it’s more to do with the state of my health over the last 12 months and the fact that I’m returning to work.

Briefly, I had a pretty crud year health-wise. I’m waiting to see a consultant at our local hospital but I have decided that whatever he outcome, whatever his diagnosis, I can’t spend the rest of my life lying on the sofa and moaning about how much I ache.

I don’t want to comfort eat my way though this winter. The weather hasn’t been too cold so far, so that’s been an easy thing – and I always menu plan so that I don’t have to panic cook and make a bad choice.

Last night we had fajitas.


It’s always a huge hit with our boys and I like that each person can customise their meal. Often I use Quorn chicken style pieces and sprinkle on my homemade fajita mix, sometimes I use a bolognaise sauce but last night I grilled some Quorn southern style burgers and sliced them up. Munchkin opted for lots of salad veg and only a little Quorn whereas the teens went for a good mix and added plenty of Tabasco.

I have also been experimenting with fruit waters. I like lemon or lime wedges in my drinks, but I recently read about making large quantities of fruit infused water to store in the fridge.

I sliced an orange, a lemon, a lime, half a cucumber and added some mint to a Kilner style jar with 1 litre of water.


It is really lovely – although I will leave the cucumber out next time as there is a definite ‘tang’.

Have you made any resolutions? What are you planning for this year?