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Things at the sixdegrees household have been a little stressful over the last few months (I’m sure there will be a post explaining it soon) but when I saw Becky from diaryofafatbottomedgirl post her ‘Eight photos of happiness’ I wanted to post something positive too. In case you don’t know Becky, you should definitely pop over and have a read of her recent, inspirational posts, she’s a brilliant writer and I’m a huge fan!

Choosing just 8 photos has been really tough – I have so many that remind me of happy times, of funny things and special people.

So my first photo just has to be this one:


This is me and Mr sixdegrees during our first dance. I love it. I think it really sums us up – I couldn’t imagine my life without him and he makes my heart happy.

Photo number two was taken just a few days later:


This was on our honeymoon. It was a wonderful break, celebrating becoming Mr & Mrs. And I love being by the sea. But I also love this photo because it was taken in Wales and I am very proud to be Welsh.

My third photo is my eldest

FullSizeRender (12)

He was playing with his band in a city centre club. It was taken a couple of years ago when he was just 16, but I love it. He looks so confident and I know that music makes him (and the rest of us) happy. Plus I’m so proud of the fact that at such a young age his band were chosen to play at such a big venue.

My fourth photo is me, Mr six and our second son


We are all huge fans of the Foo Fighters. Mr six and I went to see them a few years ago but when they were on tour last year, we took our son. It was his first big gig and despite the fact that it was freezing and we were drenched, we were so happy. Please excuse my lopsided face – I’m putting that down to the fact that I was numb.

Photo number 5 is me, Mr six and son number three.


This was the day that he left primary school. It was the hottest day I have ever experienced, there were about 800 people squashed into the hall, I was very emotional – and then they announced that he had won the maths award. I could have burst with pride.

Picture six is the day Munchkin was born


We had waited so long for him. We had 5 miscarriages and were so low but then my GP tested me and discovered I had ‘sticky blood’ (Hughes Syndrome) so simply prescribed low dose aspirin for the duration of my pregnancy. He’s our miracle, the sunshine after our storm.

This is another snap that sums us up…


Mr six makes me howl with laughter every day but more than that, he has given me the confidence to just be me. I no longer worry what others think and that means that I enjoy my life so much more…

And finally my friends


These girls are amazing. This picture reminds me of so many happy times – and the support they’ve given me when things haven’t been so great.

So why not share your 8 photos of happiness… I’d love to see them