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Well, sort of.

You may remember, back in December, that I finally plucked up the courage to restart my career because I was being brave. So I went for an interview and was offered the job.


As I supply teaching assistant, the work is sporadic and finally, last week I got a call to say I was needed for one day at a school I wasn’t familiar with.

Obviously, this was a big deal for me. After dinner I sorted out an outfit, packed my bag, organised all our children’s school things for the following day with military precision and headed to bed early.

Mr six fell asleep almost immediately but I lay awake. I also woke very early so decided to take am early shower before our boys got up.

Unfortunately the light bulb in the bathroom had blown overnight and being winter, the sun hadn’t even thought about rising. But I knew where my toiletries were and you don’t need a light to shower.

I was lathering up my hair, applying shower gel when all of a sudden the security light on the back of the neighbour’s house came on, illuminating the bathroom as if the sun had been anchored right outside the window.

Goodbye retinas!

And when the light went off, the darkness was all encompassing and I was reduced to identifying the conditioner by touch and smell…

I got ready, kissed my boys goodbye, double checked that they were all aware of the changes to our routine and set off. The school was easy to find so I signed in and went to meet my colleagues for the day.

The day actually went far better than I could have anticipated. Both the staff and children were lovely; I had a fabulous day and I was surprised how quickly the day passed. So when I was travelling home I was thrilled to get a phone call with some wonderful feedback and to say that I was being offered an extended contract, until Easter!

I’m so happy because I love working in schools – and it’s reassuring to know that I can finally contribute financially and take some of the pressure off my husband.