I realise how late this is – and this is because we have been so busy…

In the aftermath of Christmas and all the food and drink, I tried to make January a healthier month. I was shunning the gym but walking more and eating better as my posts Small Changes, Making Strides and Vegetables and Vitamins explained.

I was also trying to find a more positive head space, so when I decided that being outside more would be a benefit, I wrote Hibernate? Hibernot! Regardless of the weather, the light can be fantastic in January so photos look completely different – and often places are a lot quieter so there’s a peaceful atmosphere too.

In keeping with staying positive, I looked back over my Eight Photos of Happiness. It always helps to have something visual to remind you just how lucky you really are! My family mean so much to me which is why the complete change in routine threw me. You can read about the first few steps to our hectic new lifestyle in Working 9-5.

And spending more time away from home with much earlier starts meant that I needed to take my own advice and start eating breakfast! There are some helpful tips and recipes in Breakfast Week.

Finally, I was lucky enough to chat with the staff at Share Shop in Chester. It’s an amazing charity shop that helps homeless people in the city in so many ways – and is also helping refugees. If you only read one post this month, make it this one! It’s such a worthwhile cause.

So here’s hoping that February will be a little calmer but even more positive. Let me know of the positive changes you’re making…