I like to be organised.

I am a list maker. The keeper of our family calendar. I even manage to colour co-ordinate every entry in my planner…

Working on supply often means getting a call at the last minute. No amount of setting my work clothes out the night before, just in case, means that I feel fully prepared for a change in routine.

So last week, I was feeling lousy and full of cold, slouched on the sofa, savouring my first brew of the day when the phone rang.

Was I available?

It was a school I really like working in – and I knew that once I had absorbed the vat of caffeine in front of me I would feel infinitely better and our teen 2 had offered to drop Munchkin off, so I accepted. Then realised I had a mere 20 minutes before the bus left…

I started brushing my teeth then realised that I needed to straighten my hair so, as every second counted, I brushed my way to the bedroom to switch the straightners on.

Poor Mr sixdegrees had just finished his 7th night shift and had only been in bed for an hour or so. I crept in as quietly as sheer panic would allow, retrieved my make up bag and clothes and tried to leave when a sight that wouldn’t have been out of place in a Dracula film starring Christopher Lee met my eyes.

From his comfortable nest of the bedding, rose Mr sixdegrees, bleary eyed and open mouthed.

I explained that I was going in to work and bless the man, he offered to drive me in, giving me a few extra minutes to organise myself and ensure I was fully prepared for a day in the classroom.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to not knowing whether or not I’ll be working from one day to the next and not being able to make plans, but one thing is for sure, it’s certainly turning out to be the best decision I’ve made as it’s challenging me in every way and taking me from my comfort zone to a place where I’m learning and growing.