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Over the last few years, my skin has become rather sensitive.

Initially my skin started feeling rather hot and tingly when I was using the moisturiser that I always had, but as time went on, certain products caused burning and swelling.

It’s been tough finding toiletries that work – yet don’t irritate my skin, so I thought I would share with you a few of my trusted favourites:


Coconut oil face scrub

This is something that I make. Well, I say make, I simply mix in a little granulated sugar in with room temperature coconut oil. I love this. I know that it doesn’t contain any scary ingredients and I can make it more – or less – ‘scrubby’ depending on how much sugar I add. To use it I just splash my face with warm water, put a little of the scrub on my face and using a gentle, circular motion, rub before washing off with a face cloth. Take care not to be too rough as the sugar can be a little abrasive. My nose and under my chin really benefit from this and it leaves my skin so soft and glowing.

Micellar water

There are plenty of brands on the market – but the Garnier was the first I tried and I find it so effective. It is as gentle as water but removes my mascara with ease.

Clarins Instant eye make-up remover

I tend to use waterproof mascara during hay fever season as I do rub my eyes, even when I take my medication, and this removes it all.

Clarins Hydraquench moisturiser

I have incredibly thirsty skin. It’s never dry and flaky, but it does really soak up moisturiser. This is so lovely and the fragrance is mild. I sometimes use the Hydraquench serum too when my skin is in need of a little TLC.

Last week, however, I discovered these gems from Superdrug:


Both from the Naturally Radiant range, they claim to awaken skin’s natural glow. They have left my face so smooth – and using a serum on a daily basis has really started to iron out some of my wrinkles. The moisturiser has a slight light reflecting aspect too which leaves me looking slightly less tired. And it’s incredibly competitively priced.