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The last year has been a catalogue of illness for me. Well, not just the last year, but the last 12 months have been quite a bit harder…

I’ve been incredibly fatigued for a couple of years. Not just “I’ve got 4 children” tired. I mean EXHAUSTED; some days I couldn’t have got off the sofa if a £50 note had blown through. And I wouldn’t have cared less.

My endometriosis has been problematic. As has my IBS. I had pleurisy, then bronchitis the following winter. And I just didn’t feel as if I had recovered from it, I never felt ‘well’ after that.

My joints hurt. My skin was tender to the touch. My muscles were heavy and felt like they were full of lactic acid. My fingers and toes swelled, they were tingly and sometimes numb.I had sores in my nose. I had headaches. I was forgetful and found it hard to concentrate. And it really got me down.

I went to see my GP who ran some tests. He was able to rule out Lupus but wasn’t sure what was going on so referred my to see a rheumatologist.

And I waited. And waited.

Finally, yesterday I had my appointment. The Dr and nurse were amazing. They asked lots of questions and gave me a thorough examination. Then gave me a diagnosis.


They gave me lots of fabulous advice about managing the condition and managing my expectations. I was given some strong painkillers too which will help me sleep through the night. It was such a positive experience, knowing that I wasn’t making this up, that it really is something.

I also have some nerve damage to my arms and there’s an operation I can have on both elbows to have the nerve moved to help lessen the tingling and numbness, but I am not rushing in to that.

After my consultation, I had lots more blood tests to check for muscle disease and other things and I booked a physio appointment with a rheumatology specialised physiotherapist.

When we left, we decided to have lunch so we bought picnic food and drove to one of our favourite places to eat.

So this is me. A rheumi with a view. A very positive view.

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