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When I was younger, I loved to press flowers.

My mum showed me how to select colourful flowers and carefully arrange them between blotting paper before nestling them in a pile of heavy books. But the problem was waiting. I am impatient. And the idea that a successful press could take 6 weeks was torture.

So when Interplay sent me the Instant Flower Press, I was eager to see if it lived up to the hype.

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The Instant Flower Press is from the ‘My Living World’ range, which if you’ve read my blog over the last 12 months, you’ll be aware of how much I love this range! Introducing children to nature by firing up their imagination and learning in the very best way, by having fun.

The flower press comprises of a plastic press, two hinge pins, 4 thick felt pads, 2 cotton pads and instruction booklet.

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I started by selecting some flowers from our garden. We have plenty of forget-me-nots in the borders so I picked some, arranged them between the cotton pads and felt pads, closed the press and microwaved (with half a cup of water, as advised) for 20 seconds.

The dried flowers were particularly delicate as they were so small, so I moved on to violets. SUCCESS!

I even managed to press a poppy. It took longer than 20 seconds, but as it explains in the booklet, larger flowers will take longer. And as you become more experienced, you’ll know which flowers will need a few blasts in the microwave and which will be done quicker.

As for the results, with just a sheet of black card from our crafting box, some glue and an old pesto jar, I’ve made a couple of pretty bookmarks, a card and a jar for paperclips.


It really is so simple to use and to create beautiful items – the only limit would be your imagination. The Instant Flower Press would make a fabulous present for children and adults alike and is available from Interplay and other good retailers for £9.99

*DISCLAIMER – we were kindly sent this product for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own*