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When I was younger, in primary school, I saved up my pocket money and bought a microscope. It sat on my desk, the little mirror positioned so as to reflect the sun and provide a light source. I got books from the library and looked at fibres.

But now it’s all so much easier! And cost effective…

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This Pocket Microscope from Interplay does exactly what it says: it fits in a pocket.

It comes with ready made slides of different fibres and insects parts, blank slides for you to make up yourself, specimen pots, labels and tweezers as well as a wonderful booklet containing instructions on how to use the microscope and observation activities for you – or your young budding biologist – to investigate.


To get started, you simply need to insert batteries and you’re off.

Munchkin really enjoyed using this – not least because it’s small enough for him to handle, yet with 30 x magnification it is powerful enough to show him a whole new world!

We used the pre-made slides first so that Munchkin could get used to the microscope and how he needed to use it and then we made a slide of our own using membrane from an onion. It was one of the first things I did as a child, so simple and you can see the cells clearly (although my photo isn’t as clear as the view we had).

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Given that this is priced at just £9.99, I think it is great value for money. It is a fantastic way to introduce children to science without costing the earth and convenient to pop into your pocket for spontaneous trips out.