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Big news!

I have a new job. An amazing new job. A permanent, all singing, all dancing new job. No more supply. No more 4 hour commute. A job that I have always wanted. And I cannot wait to start.

But one thing that I’m very aware of is how little time there will be for preparing meals. And if you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that family meals are very important in our house.

I’m thinking that slow cooker meals will be an easy way to ensure we sit down to a proper meal every night. I am going to invest in liners for the slow cooker which means that I can spend Sunday afternoon prepping dinners, pop them into the bags and into the freezer, grabbing them each morning. This will also mean that the slow cooker will need little more than a rinse too!

We recently trialled slow cooker vegetarian fajitas which went down a storm! All I did was slice up peppers and onions, throw them into the slow cooker with some Quorn chicken style pieces, crushed garlic, homemade fajita mix and a tin of chopped tomatoes. I left it on low for 6 hours then served in flour tortillas with natural yogurt (in place of sour cream), sliced chillies and some grated cheese.

As for breakfast – well I have a complete winner that means our boys will be heading out with something warming over the winter! Everyone loves a certain fast food breakfast, but it’s not the kindest to the health or the pocket so welcome to my version which has a pocket friendly price tag, it’s low in fat takes less than three minutes to make…

All you need is one Quorn sausage pattie, an egg and a wholemeal muffin.

Simply split the muffin and toast then microwave the pattie for 90 seconds. You’ll need to leave it to stand for a minute so lightly grease a cup, crack an egg into it and lightly break the yolk (yolks explode in the microwave), add a light sprinkle of cheese then microwave for a minute, in 20 seconds bursts just to prevent the egg expanding. Then enjoy…


If you have any quick and easy – cheat and cheerful – recipes, please do tell me