Things have been hectic here in the sixdegrees household.

Radio silence has ruled.

It has been hard to find the time to write. It has been hard to find the time to do anything.

In July, Mr six changed jobs. He wasn’t in a good place in the job he had; bullying, long shifts, injuries, poor mental health. But that’s behind us all. He has a wonderful new job now though – and he’s loving it. The Mr six that we know and love is back!

Teen 1 and Teen 2 had exam results (A levels and GCSE).

At the beginning of September, new school term began! Teen 2 started in 6th form and is flying – I’ve never seen him so happy – Teen 3 started his GCSEs and Munchkin in year 2 (drawing a line under what was quite a negative last year).

The start of a new school year also saw me start a new job. Finally coming off supply has been a god-send: regular hours, a chance to get to know my colleagues and form friendships, to build relationships with the students – and a regular income.

Teen 1 left for uni. This has been a long time coming; he was desperate to spread his wings and experience a new life. He’s a very independent and resourceful young man and I just know he’ll make us very proud – and he’s loved his first few weeks, I’m happy to report.

So there we are. All adjusting to new routines, mum guilt heaped on, childcare booked, tired with no time for other things – but very, very happy.