When I was little, school told us that we could all be ‘the best’ at something; that if you weren’t good at one thing, not to worry because you would be ‘the best’ at something else.

Which was great.

Except that attending a Roman Catholic school, in the 70s, in  rural Wales, meant that there weren’t *that* many things to try your hand at and therefore not many things to be the best at.

As a consequence, I’ve always compared myself to others.

I saw other people succeeding and I knew I could never do any better. I was scared to try new things and often wouldn’t even try – or if I did, I judged myself quickly.

But as I’ve got older, I’ve realised that school got it wrong.

You don’t need to be the best at something.

You just need to be the best that *you* can be.

Do your best!

Obviously at school you have to work hard. And then there’s your job too. But it does go further..

What about being the best person you can be?

What about using kind words? Smiling? Holding doors? It is what my husband calls “old fashion values”.

It might be a small thing to you, but it could make someone else’s day.

Make a difference.

Be that difference.