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When I worked as an ALN (additional needs) teaching assistant in primary schools, I saw a lot of small children struggle to hold a pencil correctly. For a tiny hand, with developing fine motor skills, regular size pencils are too long – imagine having to use one of those comedy souvenir pencils (that were oh-so-popular in the 80s) to fill in important paperwork!

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The solution to this comes from Write Size; a range of pencils made to scale for children’s hands, because better control means better results.

They say:

“We would never give a 4 year old child an adult size football to play with or a full size guitar to learn to play music with.”

So when we were sent a pack to review, I was eager to set Munchkin loose. The range comes in ‘three sizes’: Age 2-6, age 6-10 and age 10+. Munchkin has just turned 7 so the 6-10 were a perfect size.


We had a lot of homework to get through, so we decided to give them a whirl.

Slightly chunkier than a normal pencil, they enable children to control and grip correctly. The reduced length means that children can improve their writing ability and in turn gain confidence.

Munchkin was really happy using ‘Write Size’ and I was impressed that he didn’t once complain of hand strain. In fact, after completing his homework, he decided to write a book…


These wonderful pencils are available in packs of 5 (£4.99) and classroom packs of 72.

We were kindly sent this product for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own.