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Here at the sixdegrees house we get through a lot of yogurt.

Our boys like flavoured yogurt as a pudding, I like low fat natural yogurt with fruit for breakfast and Mr six likes it at any time of the day!

I use it in cooking too; natural yogurt makes a much cheaper alternative to sour cream when we have fajitas and I add it to curry and soup instead of cream.

So when we were asked to review the Easi Yo Yogurt maker, we jumped at the chance.

When the box arrived, we were eager to open it. Inside was the large red insulated maker and a lidded beaker. Surely making yogurt couldn’t be *THIS* easy?


And we were surprised at just how easy it really was…

Having read the instructions thoroughly (I still wasn’t convinced that we were doing it right) we set about rinsing the housing unit and beaker. Then we were good to go. The boys chose the forest fruit flavour and we started.


Firstly we filled the kettle. Whilst it was boiling I placed the ‘shelf’ in the insulated unit and then we half filled the beaker with room temperature water and added the sachet of powder. We shook that vigorously for a minute or two then added a little more water and gave it another shake.

Once the Kettle boiled, I poured the water in to the insulated unit up to the ‘fill’ mark and placed the beaker in.

Then we sealed the lid and left it for 12 hours.

When we opened it, the consistency of the yogurt was…’unusual’, incredibly thick and resembling PVA glue. I went back and re-read the instructions. However, undeterred by the thickness, Teen 2 set about eating it. He said the flavour was immense and as he stirred the yogurt, it became less viscous and far more like shop-bought yogurt.

In fact, he loves it so much that we have been out and bought lots of flavours now and have made yogurt a couple of times per week!

The Easi Yo yogurt maker can be purchased direct from Easi Yo individually or as part of a bundle. The flavoured sachets and all accessories are also available direct. You can also purchase from well known high street stores too.

DISCLAIMER: We were kindly sent this product for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.