I recently sat in on a training course at work and one question the trainer asked was: what three essentials would you take if you were stranded on a desert island?

Now, he made it clear that you couldn’t take family or items that would aid a rescue, so I mused for a while and decided that if I definitely couldn’t have my family, I’d have a photo of them. I’d also need coffee. I can’t be without a decent cup of coffee. Life is just too short to deny myself a cup of caffeine.

And lastly, a daily essential of mine is mascara! It might seem like a trivial thing, but I love long, thick, dark lashes. Even if I go ‘make up free’, I still have a coat – or two – of mascara.

For years I’ve chased the perfect finish: long lasting (we’ve all been the victim of panda eyes at some point), able to give me long, thick, clump-free finish and crucially, easy to remove at the end of the day. 

I’ve tried brand after brand. Some last but are hard to remove, some don’t even last a few hours. Some make me look like I’ve glued spiders to my eyelids. And I began to think I was chasing the holy grail. 

Until recently. 

I was in my local Boots to pick up my favourite lipstick when I came across Thick and Fast Flash Extensions mascara by Soap & Glory.

I hadn’t seen it before and was intrigued. I’ve tried several Soap & Glory toiletries previously but hadn’t dabbled with their cosmetics. 

The sleek, silver tube looks attractive and more expensive than it is. Priced at just £10.50 it certainly isn’t going to break the bank.

My initial impression was good. It’s a lovely thick, lump free consistency. And one coat is easily enough for day time. 

In the last month I’ve never had a smudge or dark ring underneath my eyes by the end of the day, it’s lasted from 7am through until late. And it’s so easy to remove (a slick of coconut oil or a face cloth in hot water followed by a swipe of micellar water soaked cotton wool).

I am so impressed, I’m tempted to try more products in the range… If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!