So I had a bit of a plan.

Munchkin and I had drawn out the garden and had a bit of a think what we would like.

You can view our grand design.

The area between the old pond and ‘Grandma’s Garden’ was a little bit of a nothing space. We had an old, existing fuchsia and I had bought another small one and potted it on. And I had started to grow some claret sunflower seedlings  to pot on in troughs. The idea was to blend the reds around the pond with the pastels of ‘Grandma’s Garden’. (This will be explained  in a future post).

We’ve lived in this house for over 10 years now. I knew that there was a paving slab within the lawn space between the pond and Grandma’s Garden and I decided to grab the edging tool and liberate the slab along its front edge from its grassy gaol.

As I edged, I discovered that it wasn’t one, but two slabs. Then a third. Then a fourth! I was so pleased with myself. I was proper smug.

Then I set about clearing the grass from along the side. And again, there was another and another and another. Oh I was smuuuuuuuug. Like the smuggest of all smugness.

4 slabs across.

4 slabs deep.

I had discovered a little patio. Me! Without help! I had discovered – and excavated – a 16 slab patio.

It’s close to the bird feeders (have I mentioned the bird feeders?? Jeez, they need a post all of their own! Mr Six has created his own little feathered junkies), sheltered from the wind by the neighbour’s bloody big tree that litters the garden with its waste leaf detritus – and it catches the evening sunshine.

It’s like a little slice of heaven in our own little potted paradise.

And I found it!

Did I mention, I excavated that bloody patio. On my own!