It’s been a tough couple of years – so if you’re reading this, then thank you for sticking around.

I’ve found it hard to write. To be honest, I’ve spent a lot of time in my own head, thinking things over (or more accurately, overthinking things).

Losing my dad, my own health having a spotlight shone on it, redundancy (not mine), worries over the children… 2019 was a year that tested me to the limit. But here I am, still standing in 2020.

I’ve decided that 2020 is the time to make a few changes.

My bestie flew home for Christmas and we all got together for a wonderful night out. But before I knew it, she was heading home and I realised that I wasn’t giving my best to anyone, mainly because my head was so busy with thoughts and that dreaded internal monologue that I felt I had no free time, when in reality, I wasn’t doing too much. How many missed opportunities have passed me by? How many times have people thought I was rude when in reality I have been unaware of my surroundings?

My bestie had bought me a wonderful present; Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place box of goodies. It was a glorious gift full of toiletries in three ‘flavours’; to aid calmness, induce sleep and energise plus an eye mask, a headband, a pack of colouring pencils and some pencil drawings to colour in.

This got me thinking. Rather than resolutions which I won’t stick to (and then feel guilty about) how about trying something new each month? Trying something that I may or may not continue, but that’s ok because it will then be a new month and there will be a new experience on the horizon to look forward to.

So January is mindfulness.

I’m enjoying long baths in the evening with my Sleep bubble bath. I’m waking for showers with Energise shower gel. I’m being careful to remove my make up and slather on moisturiser. I’m applying face masks and hair masques.  I have books to read.

Munchkin and I have tried meditation. We’re going to try some yoga too. And I’ve finally booked reiki.

January. New starts. Positive steps.