My pizza dough was a success. And Mr Six liked the bread rolls so much that he asked for a second batch the following day so that he could make  lunches for work. As I had enjoyed the whole process so much I decided to experiment a little. I knew that we had half a jar of pesto in the fridge so I had a quick root around and discovered a block of feta that could do with using and a few olives left over from the pizzas on Friday.

Using the same recipe as the bread rolls, I set about mixing, kneading and leaving to prove in an oiled bowl. But after the hour was up, I split my dough into two and rolled each into a rectangle, the same sort of size as a tea towel. I spooned some pesto onto each of them, spread it out, scattered little cubes of feta and then on to one I scattered some chopped olives (Mr Six doesn’t much care for olives. But he’s wrong!)

Then I rolled the short side toward the other short side, like a Swiss roll, and cut each into 8. I found this easier when I cut it into half, then each one into half, and into half again. I sprayed a little Frylight into a couple of cake tine and arranged the swirls in. Don’t worry about any excess space in the tin – the twists of deliciousness need another 20-30 minutes to prove and they will increase in size.

I baked for  20 minutes or so in the oven (190 degrees) and when they emerged, all hot and steamy, I brushed a little butter over the top to make them glossy.

I should probably alert you to the fact that as there are no additives in these, they are better eaten on the day – however, you will probably discover that they taste so good, that won’t even be a problem!

We loved these so much that we have come up with all sorts of ideas for variations, including a sweet one. Watch this space…